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Friday, April 16, 2010

Wine Anyone??

On Tuesday, we headed off to Montepulcino. This small hill town in Tuscany is known for its wine...and anyone who knows me knows I love my wine.:) I made a conscious decision to stay awake on the ride there so i could look at all of the beautiful scenery on the drive there. When we arrived, we went to a local cantina to taste some wine and we bought some ...of course.:) Very fun. We even saw they were filming a Brazilian soap opera in the main square....there is a story about that...but I will save it for when I can personally talk with all of you.:) After wine tasting, we ate at a small restaurant and had...yes, more wine and then pasta. Then, we walked and looked around inside the church near the square. Jeremy wanted to know why there were candles that were lit, and I told him people light candles when they say a prayer. Guy took him over to light a candle and told him to say a prayer, and Jeremy said," God, I want a flying toy, Amen." I guess we need to work on how to say a prayer.:) ha ha Later on, we walked around the town and did some shopping. It was fun to feel normal again and go in shops to look around without people following me around to haggle the price. It was a lovely day.:)

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  1. You guys need to hear Meredith's story about how she reacted when the film crew would not let her enter the square...