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Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Last Day in Italy

Today we went to Saint Peter's Basilica. We had to stand in line outside for about 45 minutes to wait in line for security to get in. The kids did amazingly well...Elizabeth only had to go to timeout once....we can always tell her that she actually stood in timeout in Saint Peter's square.:) I have to say that Saint Peter's is my favorite place to go in Rome. I can't get over the feeling that i will never be so close to such a powerful saint in my life. Saint Peter is buried there and that is such an awesome feeling to know that this basilica is built on top of his remains. When guy and I were there about 10 years ago, Pope John Paul II was still the pope. This time, we saw his tomb in the crypt. We saw Michelangelo's Pieta . Jeremy asked me ," Why does that lady look so sad?" I said that is Mary, and she was sad because Jesus died. Jeremy said, "But, he came back to life and it was a miracle!" It was so neat that he is putting these things together and they are making sense to him.:) After the basilica, we took the kids to lunch and then, nap. That night we visited the Spanish steps and then the Trevi fountain so we could throw our coins in to insure that we will return again.:)

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