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Friday, April 16, 2010

Heading to Italy

On April 1, we headed out of Lagos and boarded our plane to Italy.:) This was a special trip since it was the first time we bought Elizabeth her own seat. She maxed out on her age of being "lap child" and had her very own grown up seat. She wasn't in it very much at first. Guy was great about walking her around the airplane during our unexpected layover in Ghana. But, eventually she and Jeremy both fell asleep fr some of the flight. Actually, Jeremy fell asleep right when we took off from Lagos and didn't wake up until we landed in Rome. He said " Hey, we didn't even fly!" Guy and I were laughing...he is sch a great traveler!:)
after we landed in Rome, We rented a car and drove to a small town called Orvieto. Guy was really tired since he can't sleep very well on overnight flights...especially with an active two year old!:) But, he did a great job of navigating our way to Orvieto ( and also had the help of a GPS)....which has been declared..his "perfect woman".:) ha ha We actually stayed in a convent in Orvieto. guy found it on the web and it turned out really great. Although, the nuns didn't speak a word of English and we didn't speak a word of Italian. The rooms were very nice with beautiful views and it even had a playground.:) My brother, Andrew, also met us in Orvieto, and he also stayed with us in the convent ( a place he never thought he would end up)....he really didn't have a choice since he had been pick pocketed in Rome and had to stay with us where we were.:) It was pretty funny for me to think of my 28 year old brother in the Navy staying in a convent...but it makes for a great story, right?:) Jeremy and Elizabeth also had their fist taste of real Italian spaghetti.:) when we were looking at the menu, I told Jeremy he could have spaghetti he said "mommy, they don't have any other tasty things for little children?" I said " no, not really, we are in Italy.."Here are some pictures of our stay in Orvieto.:)

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