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Friday, April 16, 2010

Day in Siena

On Monday, we spent the day in Siena. We went back to the Duomo to get a better look at this beautiful building.:) We also went to the museum attached to it. It was neat ti see Jeremy looking at everything, in the museum, there were statues of the apostles. He has been learning about them at Sunday School. He saw the statues and I told him who they were. he said " Where is Mathew?" I pointed the statue out to him. It is exciting to see him starting to make connections with what he is learning. At the top of the museum, there was a beautiful view of Siena...even though it was another cold and rainy day.:) Afterwards, we finished up with a pizza lunch..of course!:) The kids were exhausted...and came home and took a nap.:)

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