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Friday, April 16, 2010


On Friday, Guy and Jeremy decided to have a day together doing Guy Elizabeth, my mom and me took my dad with us for a girl day.:) We walked around the small streets of Siena and had lunch at Il Campo square. We ate gelato and went to the Civic museum. It is so overwhelming to me to see so much beautiful art all in one place and it seems like everywhere I go in Italy...there is so much beautiful art...even at the civic museum!:) We ended our day going to see the head of Catherine of parents had not seen it yet.....and it was just as surreal for them as it was for me. It was a nice way to spend our last day in Siena.:) Then, we ended the day by having a glass of wine outside our villa and going to dinner at a restaurant nearby to have an earl y birthday celebration for my mom's 57th birthday.:)

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