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Friday, April 16, 2010

Arriving in Siena

On April 3 we headed to Siena from Orvieto. Once again, Guy did a great job of navigating in the car ...thank goodness he has a good sense of direction ( I was not given that gift when God was passing it out). The villa was beautiful when we arrived there.:) Guy also did a great job of finding a great place to stay. We met my parents there also that Saturday. We stopped off in a small grocery store in Orvieto and picked up a few groceries. Guy cooked dinner for everyone that night. We were all tired...but my parents were especially tired..they had been awake for over thirty hours from traveling from California...arriving in Rome and then driving up to Siena. Here are a few pictures from our villa in Siena.

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  1. Tip for all you guys that are driving a rental car in Europe... get the GPS. Meredith is not keen on reading maps and directing me. But, my "GPS-girl friend" is perfect... she only gives me directions and is quiet most of the time... until the next turn comes up.

    Without her, I would still be lost in Orvieto and Meredith and I would still be fighting about asking for directions or not.