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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Colloseum and the Forums

On Sunday, we visited the Colosseum. it is amazing to me how old this structure is and how it is still partially standing. When I think about everything that took place in this gives me the chills. We took the metro to the Colosseum and also saw the forums from the Colosseum. the kids could really only handle one thing a day so we left the Colloseum and took them to lunch at Mc Donald's ...of course. It was a welcome diversion from the pasta and pizza that they had been eating everyday.:) That night, we met my cousin for dinner at a real Italian ( no tourists) pizzeria. She has lived in Rome for several years. It was really interesting to be in the restaurant with so many other Italian families having Sunday dinner together just like us. I have to say I love Italian restaurants because they don't care if the kids get really loud!!!:) ha ha

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