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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Malarone Moment(s)

Today, I heard one of the ladies who lives here on the compound telling someone else that she was having a malarone moment. ( Malarone is the medication we are taking while we are in Nigeria for malaria prevention). Apparently, it is widely believed in the expat community that malarone does something to trip up a person's memory, makes someone say silly things or just an excuse for any silly thing one may do. The lady was telling her friend that she couldn't find her keys, and it was because she was having a "malarone moment". That started to make me think...since I have been here...I have done some pretty silly things. A few weeks ago, I was playing cards with some of the other expat wives, and I couldn't tell from across the table if the card was a 9 or a 6. I kept trying to angle my head so I could see it from another perspective. Finally one of the girls at the table said ," You know, you can count the number of hearts on the card to find out what the number truly is." She was very nice...but I couldn't help but be embarrassed...why didn't I think of that?? Could it have been a "malarone moment"??? Then, I thought about the other day when I saw that one of the expats was selling a T.V. I thought it was a pretty good price for a 20 inch LCD T.V. I knew that Guy really wanted one. I was surprised when he wanted to pass it up. I asked him why. I knew he wanted a T.V. that was 5 feet. Then, he told me, "Yes, five feet...not 20 inches." I don't even know what I was thinking. Could that have been attributed to a "malarone moment"? Then, there was the time I told Edouard that I owed him $50,000 for the re upholstery( instead of 50,ooo naira) . Yes!!! A "malarone moment had to be the answer! I kind of felt relief...there was an answer for the things I have said that were completely out there!!!:) Thinking that it was the malarone made me feel a little better about being such a ditz. But, then, I was a little scared. I can blame malarone for the last month of silly things....but what can I blame for the last 33 years of ditzy things I have done???


  1. Now Meredith-none of us have ever accused you of being ditzy..... :-p