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Monday, August 10, 2009

Happiness and the Giant Avocado

So, I woke up this morning and got the kids their breakfast. After they were done, I wiped them off, and they went in Elizabeth's room to play with Happiness. I looked in the refrigerator for something different for breakfast. I thought I remembered Happiness telling me she bought some papayas for us. I looked through a few bags in the refrigerator and pulled out the papaya. I put it on the cutting board and began to cut it open. I opened it up, and I was in shock. It was an avocado!!! I had never seen an avocado that big before. The pit was the size of an avocado that I would have bought in Houston! I yelled for Happiness to come into the kitchen. I told her I thought it was a papaya. She started laughing at me. I told her how small the avocados were back home. She said, "No, Madame...the avocados we buy here are all like that. They are 100 naira ." That works out to be about 66 cents for a HUGE avocado! Wow. For those of you who read the post about the twenty dollar grapes...I guess this makes up for it!:)


  1. That is so cheap for an avocado. Wow it's huge! I wish we could get huge avocados for that price! I love me some yummy avocado. I like to eat it on toast in the mornings instead of butter.

  2. I have just enjoyed reading all your, I don't even know what to say - other than I laughed and wanted to cry!
    Again, we miss yall so much. Take care! Give the kids a hug from Campbell and me.