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Saturday, August 1, 2009

How do they do that???

Today, the kids, Guy and myself went out to the Palms Mall. When I say Palms, please don't think of a beautiful beach with Palm trees. When I say mall, please don't think of the Galleria in Houston. It's more like a lot of Walgreens and 5-7-9 stores all rolled up into one with an old movie theater in it. We ventured out to see a few of the grocery stores and get a few things we needed. It is so interesting when we are driving on the streets to look at all the different people. One sight I have seen here very often is women ( and sometimes men) carrying baskets and platters of food on top of their heads. I mentioned this to Happiness. and she said , " Madame, it is so easy, all you do is this." She proceeded to wrap the kitchen towel I had on my counter into a circle. Then, she placed it on top of her head. She told me that then you can place a platter on your head and it won't fall off. I don't know about that, but I will say that all the Nigerian women I have seen have perfect posture. I also see alot of people sitting on the side of the road with lawn chairs. I am not sure what they are doing, but they don't look like they have anywhere else to go. They are smiling and laughing. They seem to be enjoying the moment. They are talking and laughing with their friends. I could probably learn a lot from them. Every Nigerian I have met, always has a smile on his face. They may not have a lot of material possessions, but they know how to enjoy the life they are gven and the moments they have.

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