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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jeremy's Birthday!

Yesterday, my little boy turned four years old! I can hardly believe it. I remember when I first held him and couldn't believe he was my baby. Now he growing up so fast. He woke up, got dressed, and ate his breakfast. While he was eating, he asked me, "Am I four yet??" I told him he wasn't yesterday, but today he is. He was so happy. I took him to school, along with plenty of cupcakes to share with his classmates. It was the first day he would be there all day long. I was a little worried that he would get upset about me leaving, but he kissed me and gave me the sign langauge for "I love you." from across the room. Then, he sat right down for circle time. I was really proud of him. Part of me wanted to cry because he wasn't crying to come with me...I knew it meant he wasn't a baby anymore. Where does the time go??? When I picked him up from school, he was wearing a construction paper crown with glitter on it for his birthday, and he was carrying a birthday book the class had made for him. Oh, and I mustn't forget the huge yellow helium balloon that I just new would pop before we ever got it home. He was so happy. We rode the bus home together, and we were stuck in traffic only 100 yards away from the compound. Just as I feared, the balloon popped with a huge bang. The bus driver jumped with a start. I think he thought it was a gunshot. Needless to say, Jeremy was crying because his birthday balloon popped. Twenty minutes later after we managed to inch our way into the compound, he was feeling a little better. I took him, just he and I, to the playground for the rest of the afternoon. I watched him play and I just kept thinking what a life he has had so far; born in Guatemala, lived in Texas and now he is here in Lagos, Nigeria.

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