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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Introducing Fatai

I realized that I had not included a picture of Fatai ( pronounced Fu tie with a short u and the accent on the second syllable) in any of my posts so far. Fatai is our driver while we are here in Lagos. He loves our children, and he has five children of his own. He is able to drive us safely around this crazy city and bring us back home in one piece. He is a very brave soul! I took a picture of him yesterday wearing his native dress clothes. Every Friday, the staff is encouraged to wear traditional Nigerian dress. I also found out that in the spring there is "Nigerian Day" at Jeremy's school. It looks like I will have to start going out to look for fabrics to have some Nigerian clothes made. It will be hard to find just one fabric I like since there are so many here that are truly beautiful!

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