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Monday, August 17, 2009

Jeremy's First Day of School

Today was Jeremy's first day in Pre-K. He woke up this morning and had a strawberry pop tart ( Thank goodness for our shipment!) I helped him to get dressed in his uniform, and Fatai took Guy, Jeremy and myself to school. His first day was a time to meet the teacher and see his classroom and meet a few of the children who would be in his class. His teacher seems wonderful. She is very small with a very quiet voice, but you can tell she can be firm when she needs to be. There are three Nigerian aides in the classroom to help the teacher as well. We first met with the elementary school principal , and then, we went back to Jeremy's new classroom. The children had a snack and then chose an acticvity they wanted to do at their tables. The parents were able to sit and listen to the teacher go over rules and procedures for the class. It was a great first day. When Jeremy got in the car he told Guy and me, " I really like my teacher." So, I guess we are off to a good start.:)

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