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Monday, August 24, 2009

I Flashed Fatai!

Yes, I really did! But, not in the way you may think.:) When you flash someone over here, that means you call their mobile number, but only let it ring once. I do this when I am coming out of the building and need Fatai to come and pick me up. That way, you don't have to use any pre-paid minutes. Believe me, those minutes are precious!:) I knew that I must say that to Fatain pretty often when Jeremy asked me on the way out of school today, "Mommy, did you flash Fatai?" Good thing we weren't in the U.S. I probably would have gotten a few weird looks!:)


  1. Meredith-do you have to use prepaid minutes, too? On your phone?

  2. Hi Kerstin, I do always have to use pre-paid minutes on my cell phone since there is not a comapny that just bills for cell phone minutes in Nigeria. I do not use pre-paid minutes on my home phone. That phone is just like using a phone in the U.S.:)