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Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Tis the Season

The harmattan season, that is, which can only mean one thing!!!!  Time to set out the Christmas decorations once again:)  After Jeremy's soccer game this morning, we decided since the harmattan was just right, why not put up all the Christmas decorations?  This is our third time in Lagos to get ready for the holiday season.:) Of course, everything is a little bit accelerated because we won't actually be here for Christmas...but we have a good time getting ready for this very special holiday!:)
Lizzy putting decorations on the tree

Jeremy and the "elf on the shelf"

 Of course, it is a little strange going outside to eat a Popsicle after getting ready for this "winter" holiday:)
 The end to a day of getting ready for Christmas....watching "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".  Never mind that our Thanksgiving decorations are up also!:)

 There is something special about each and every Christmas tree.  I think that every Christmas tree has a story to tell.  I really do prefer the "eclectic" that tells a story over time....which is never finished...but builds every year...
 There are the homemade ornaments  which I can't wait to show the kids' friends when they are older!  Great blackmail!!!:))

Bite marks from when J was 18 mos.:)

Lizzy's tree

 First Christmases...

 Places we've been...

 Special friends we've met along the way...

 And of and remembering where we started...

 And always remembering the "reason for the season" even if there is a little bit of a" Nigerian Twist"...
 It is different getting ready for the holiday season even after setting up decorations for the last two years here.  There is something strange about 85 degree heat and Christmas decorations which don't seem to mix, but this is our life for now, and just like the story on our Christmas tree it is a story which is not yet finished.:)  I hope you all have a great time getting ready for the holiday season!:)

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  1. In the midst of the chaos and crime, it is lovely to see your Christmas decorations up. I think I will be about a week behind you. Lovely to see Rudolph on the TV too. ; )