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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There's Something about Kisses

Today, some members from Ishahayi Beach School Foundation headed back out to the beach school, but this time it wasn't business as usual...
There were heavy boxes of mysterious things to be hauled...
There were mysterious red noses found on all the children...
And I do mean ALL the children!!!
Who would have known that there was clown in our midst?  Kisses the clown came for a visit out to the beach school for their Christmas party today.  The children were thrilled.  We did have to talk to Lady Salami at our last school visit about bringing a clown for the party to make sure it wouldn't scare the kids, and she even prepared the children by talking about what a circus clown was.:)

Once again, the children there flashed their beautiful smiles and sang a rendition of Feliz Navidad which I never ever thought I would hear in small Yoruba fishing village in Lagos, Nigeria! What a small world we live in!!:)

It was a truly great experience seeing the children enjoy Kisses the clown and have fun and laugh.  Many of the children saw her immediately and started to laugh, but they had no word to say what she was.  So, today, the learning which took place was that of laughing and learning about what a clown can do for your spirits.:)

And when we were leaving, there was a random boat pulling up with church people getting off of it.    This is so never know what to expect.:)

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