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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!!!

For this girl who grew up in the Midwest United States, there is something a little weird about going outside in the African heat on Thanksgiving day...but that's just what the kids and I did yesterday.:)  Since they go to American schools, the kids have Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving...but poor Guy doesn't... I told him that we should count the Muslim holiday he had off a few weeks ago as his Thanksgiving...but that's just not the same...

So, while he was at work, I got the preparations ready for Thanksgiving dinner for 14 adults and 4 children...and I took the kids down to the tennis court to run off a little bit of steam:) ( BTW, I couldn't have done it without Happiness and Jean-Marie doing the cooking..I found out I am great at delegating who should cook what....but, as for actually cooking....I'd rather do the tasting!)

 My very good friend, Sherry, and I usually get Thanksgiving ready together for the past three years we have been here. But, this year, she isn't here because she had to go back to the U.S. for a while.  With alot of Skyping with her, I was able to plan the dinner along with her husband, Guy, her cook and of course, my Happiness.:)

Getting things ready:)

Lizzy with Bob and Sherry's dog, Venus:)
We had three turkeys from the U.S. to fry up for are the chefs:)

The "littles"

The "inspectors"

The "magic hands" in the kitchen:)

cute little turkeys made by my friend, Adriana:)

Getting ready to eat!:)

Jean Marie, the best pie maker around!:)
Happiness, Jean Marie, Benson and Fatai enjoying the Thanksgiving food:)

It was really fun to be around our friends here for Thanksgiving.  We are all here away from our friends and family back home, and living so close to one another we all become like extended family.:)  I hope all of you had a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving wherever you may be.  I know I am so thankful this Thanksgiving for my great friends and family.:)

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