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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun in the Sun

From this picture, you would never think we were just outside of Lagos.  We took the boat today with three other families from our compound and headed out to Ishahayi Beach.  It really was a perfect day for the sky, a gentle breeze, and the sound of the waves from the Atlantic ocean crashing against the shoreline.:)
vendors came to sell their treasures
I think what makes the beach so fun for me is watching the kids have so much fun!
blowing bubbles with a friend
playing in the sand
flying a kite together
taking a rest ...but not for long!!!
heading to the water
jumping over the waves
running in circles???
hanging out with good friends
children from the village
Elizabeth shared some food
playing football with children from the village

heading back to the boat
And this is the last image from today before we got on the boat.  These children are so adorable and always seem very happy....even if they are only in their underwear.:)  Today was a great way to spend our holiday here.  We were surrounded by gorgeous skies, great friends and some of the most beautiful smiles you'll find anywhere in this great big world.:)

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