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Monday, November 28, 2011


Okay, so this Barbie isn't really a sign, but it sure was a surprise when my friend, Suzieta , gave it to Elizabeth for a Christmas gift.:)  I never thought I would see "Naija Princess" on a Barbie doll package...I just had to share!:)

There are definitely lots of signs of least on our compound this past weekend:)

My good friend, Karin, had the kids over to roll out some gingerbread (pepparkaka) cookies...and I don't know what other smell says Christmas quite like gingerbread...

Then, she had us over on Saturday night for a Christmas party along with the kids.  We had some typical Swedish food (since she is Swedish)....sausages (korv) cut in quarters to represent the prince's crown and of course Swedish meatballs (kottbullar) (Karin's are the best!), gingerbread cookies (pepparkaka) , and last but certainly not least, glogg. This swedish wine drink is amazing, and I highly recommend anyone to try almost feel like the snow is falling gently against your window pane.:)
The kids loved the food,too:)  Once again, I am amazed at all the great people we have met while we have been here. Who would have thought I'd get a Swedish lesson in Lagos??!!:)

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  1. YUM! We have to make the cookies and drink next time we are together! You are always so festive! Love!