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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today members from the Ishahayi beach School Foundation headed back out to the beach.  It's always very surreal for me when we get there.  I always notice how quiet it is.  There are no horns honking or loud generators running.  Just the sound of the ocean off in the distance, and people living life simply.:)  Here are a few pictures from our trip out today...

 Lady Salami had expressed interest to us that she would like to teach some of the older girls in the school how to sew for them to learn a trade...
 So, sewing machines were donated along with lots and lots of beautiful Nigerian fabric.:)
I love to see the little ones in their classes

yes, that is a security guard who came with us....and a gun
Because of the bombings which have happened in the Northern part of the country, we were told we needed to bring security guards with us for added protection.  But, I can't help but wonder if we are drawing more attention to ourselves...
New water pump for the bore hole

Little girls enjoying some water:)

I love to visit the kids:)

very interested in the sewing machine


helping mom with laundry

Mom washing clothes

Then, we headed out to Ikaare...another fishing village out by Ishahayi beach...

 This school was built by the Salvation army in 1944., and it was falling apart...
 And a new one was built with help from the Government, our foundation and other groups donating money...

 Moms in this village also take turns providing lunch to the students...this little one was with his mom while she was giving lunch to the students:)

Goat walking around the school
 There were tons of boats being repaired and made in this village...

This man is filing holes with fibers

Gotta love that there's no dock here...we walked the plank..
It was great to get out today and go to Ishahayi Beach and all the children and teachers there, but there is so much more need here.  I am so happy to be part of the foundation which can help children's education.  I have always believed and still do believe that every child can learn.  It's as simple as that.


  1. Great story. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

  2. Amazing story from the shy, midwest, white girl I met in college. She always wanted to go to Africa... but in the Peace Corp. Great job with the beach school and your hubby is making some money. Glad you married that crazy boy on the dance floor?