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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This week has been full of remembering our great time in Germany and Austria, unpacking and early mornings getting the kids off to school...or at least one of them.:)  Lizzy's school flooded this past weekend , and there has been so much water damage from all the rain that school has been cancelled for her though today.  The picture of the okada driving through the rain water at an intersection near our compound gives you an idea of how much it has been raining here over the past week...

I am feeling better since our "Getaway" trip last week.  I think the change of scenery, change of pace, and reading a hilarious book a friend lent to me really helped.:)  If you haven't read the book Bossypants by Tina need to go out and buy a copy!!! Seriously, drop whatever you are doing right now and get out and buy it!!!! I have never laughed out loud so much reading a book in my life. I am not kidding...even Guy thought the parts I read out loud to him were funny.:) 

We are all glad to see Happiness.:)  She always misses us when we are gone...but especially the kids.  They each gave her a special bracelet they picked out for her in Germany.  Things are still pretty much the same, but things just feel a bit lighter now.  It's amazing what  a short break can do.  I guess everyone needs a break from some things in life..and when you come back you feel a little more energized.:)

Our shipment has been in customs for about three weeks now...and today, I got the call that it would be delivered!!!! Yay!!!!  And wouldn't you know really did show!!!:)

So, that is where it is sitting right now.  The drivers are waiting for the off loaders to show up...and they haven't arrived yet.  The driver went to get something to eat, and if the off loaders show up soon, no one can unload the truck because only the main driver can use a hammer to break the lock on the truck to get our stuff off. ( Standard procedure here.) But, that's no big least our things are here....even if they are locked up in a truck in the parking lot of our compound.....we're 50% closer than we were just yesterday!:)

I couldn't think of the right word to describe things here in Lagos...and then, today driving back over the Falomo Bridge, I saw it...
I had to smile when I saw this van.....that is kind of how to describe things here.  It's not's not great, it's not even terrible. You just experience things here that you wouldn't get to experience anywhere's just peculiar.:)

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