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Monday, October 3, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered...

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I didn't include one of the funniest things which happened to us yesterday in my post yesterday.  Not sure how I fogot about it since it involved 6 German (or Austrian men) hopping out of their car right in front of our car at the restaurant we ate at last night.  I know that doesn't sound too funny, but when you add the fact they were all wearing leiderheausen and singing loud German know you are somewhere near the German border (and the last weekend of Oktoberfest in Munich).  They were really nice though...they did block us in, but they ALL helped Guy to get out of the too tiny space they had created for us:) Which prompted Jeremy to ask why they were all so loud and nice.  Guy and I looked at each other and laughed...that was a conversation for another day and a different age.:) ( I could have taken a picture....but I really wasn't too sure how they would have felt about it:))

Today, we spent the day in Reutte (ROY-teh), Austria.  Reutte is really not famous for anything in particular, but there are doctor's who have recommended the "Grade 1" air for many people ( according to one guide book we have).  It is really an "Austrian town" away from many tourists.( Although everyone is so nice here. They are very understanding if you don't speak German.)  I have to say that the air is wonderful here, and the sky is crystal blue. For me, it truly is "what the doctor ordered".  I really feel like I was able to clear my heard today and enjoy walking outside and enjoying the weather, the scenery, and the people:)

Our first stop today was the grocery store, of course!!!  Our yearly shipment hasn't come in yet, so there were a few things (snacks) I needed to pick up and bring back with us to Lagos.  The kids loved the store because they got to roll around their own "kid sized" carts.  Talk about keeping them entertained and right with us the whole time!!! Why hasn't the U.S. come up with this yet??!!! (Yes, this is really fun for us!!! A clean, fully stocked store with hundreds of items to choose from!)

Later on, after doing the grocery shopping and lunch with the kids, Guy stayed back at the hotel room with the kids for nap time while I hit the town for shopping...all myself!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!! I think I almost broke into a yodel!:)   I don't remmber the last time I had an afternoon to myself to shop and shop and shop and not have to worry about a time was wonderful!!!!! And to top it off...I was in Austria!:)
View from a street in reutte with many shops:)
After I filled my bags (and used my credit card too much), the kids were awake and it was time to go to one of the many playgrounds here.  The kids couldn't get enough of the weather, the blue sky, the trees, the grass, and the swings.:)

They loved playing in the leaf pile...who knew!!??

On our walk, they had to stop and collect more rocks:) Reminds me of this post

Couldn't rotate this pic, but they loved the rocks:)
After dinner, we ended up at a local ice cream shop for some great ice cream.  The kids loved it, and when we asked Jeremy what his favorite part of today was, he said," Walking to the playground and playing."  I have to admit, the weather here is so clear and there is a hint of crispness in the air to let you know autumn's on the way. I don't think a doctor could write a better "prescription" for one' s spirit.:) Until tomorrow, Auf weidersehen!:)

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  1. ROY-teh lol funny to read it as an Austrian :D