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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heading to Deutschland

This morning, our adventures took us back on the road from Reutte, Austria to Munich, Germany.  I managed to take a few pictures from the car of the gorgeous scenery we saw on our way to Munich.  The mountains were beautiful and so were the lakes.  I haven't seen such crystal clear water since our honeymoon in the Bahamas.  It truly was beautiful!!!

 But, after managing to take those pictures on some very windy roads up and down the mountains...poor Jeremy got carsick.  One more thing I need to have in my bag on trips is dramamine for the kids...
 Thankfully, after that short bout of getting sick, Jeremy was feeling pretty good.  Guy managed to pull off skid off the road to a screeching halt in a rest area which had been barricaded off.  A few minutes of sitting outside in the great air, and Jeremy was feeling pretty good again.:)  And, our journey into Munich continued:)
 We took a train in from a town about 30 kilometers outside Munich.
 When we first arrived in Munich, we walked through the city square.  I looked at this beautiful structure and thought it was a cathedral...I found out it was actually the town hall building!!!:)
 The first stop after we arrived in Munich around lunch time was to stop at Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall. This beer hall is one of the most famous beer houses in the world...and very much known for Oktoberfest which takes place every year for about two weeks.  This year it lasted from Sep. 17-Oct.3.  (It begins on the third Saturday in September and ends the first Sunday in October...but not before Oct. 3.  October 3rd is the day German celebrates its reunification.:)  Oktoberfest actually started from King Ludwig I's wedding celebration in 1810, and it was such a success, it has been celebrated every year since then.  That is one memorable wedding!!:)
Guy and Jeremy in front of Hofbrauhaus

Having a beer and Sprite in Hofbrauhaus:)
 Then, we were off to Viktualienmarkt.  This market is an "open air" market which has everything from flowers to food to souvenirs, and so many other little treasures:)  The kids had a great time walking through the market and smelling the flowers.  Guy and I loved walking around in the fresh air:)

Huge Maypole which has been here since the 15th century to tell people what crafts and merchants were in the market:)
 After the "open air" market, we did a little more shopping and the kids got to see a demonstration of how a Cuckoo clock works...

The LOVED it!:)
 We got back on the train again and headed to the Residenz gardens.  To say that this area of Munich is beautiful is an understatement!!  You really have to see it for yourself, the pictures I have here really don't do it justice...
Kids sitting in front of the Residenz (Wittelsbach's family palace)
The Wittlesbach's ruled Bavaria for 700 years. The kings in the line included King Ludwig I, King Max II , King Ludwig II (Mad King Ludwig) , and King Ludwig III)

A view of the royal gardens:)
 We also stopped in to Saint Peter's church in Munich.  I wasn't sure if photos were allowed, but I did manage to take a quick picture of the kids putting 5 euro cents into a small opening and seeing some religious figures come out of a little church.  I tell you, Germany thinks of everything to entertain the kids wherever we go!!:) Even in a church!:)  ( Saint Peter's is the oldest church in Munich founded in 1158!)
 To end up our day, we stopped at a local biergarten for some dinner and some fresh warm pretzels!:)  Jeremy and Lizzy's favorite part of the pretzel was all the salt they could lick off!:)  Today was such a great day to tour such a great city.:)  Guy ( a.k.a. our family's personal tour guide) did a great job of combining things that he and I would want to see with things the kids loved to do as well.:) Before we got back on the train to head back to Reutte, the kids even saw a juggler in the park nearby! Now, that is entertainment for you.:)  Until tomorrow, Auf weidersehen!:)

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  1. Glad yall are getting some much deserved vacation time! Love-K