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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy in the Moment

I have been hearing alot of different phrases related to this ,and seen alot of people talking about being "happy in the moment" lately.  I know it isn't anything new, but it is as if people are having a new awakening to this idea of being happy no matter where you are.  Along this expat journey, I always worried about the kids being happy and if they would be okay living in another country away from everything they knew.  When, the truth was, it was me who was afraid of leaving everything I knew. If only all the world leaders could be a fly on the wall at Jeremy's school to see how children from all parts of the globe interact with each other each and every day, I think we could all gain a new and refreshing perspective on how to be happy wherever you are no matter what religion you are or what country you come from.  Last Friday, Jeremy was "Star of the Week" in his class.  He had to make a poster to tell about himself.  So, along with my help, he wrote and drew pictures of his favorite food, favorite drink, favorite place to visit, etc.  It was displayed all week for the other children to see it.  On Friday, he got to bring in his favorite treat to share with the children in his class.  I asked him what he wanted and he told me cheese ( his favorite) and apples (his second favorite).  I asked him if he was sure he didn't want to bring in cupcakes or cookies.  He told me, "No mom, there is a friend in my class who is allergic to cupcakes and cookies."  I smiled because I remembered there was a little boy who couldn't eat a cupcake at Jeremy's birthday at school because he is allergic to eggs.  In my mind, I thought, "Now that is an example of acceptance and understanding.":)  So, we cut up some cheese and apples and brought them to school. Guy and I were able to come to watch him present his poster and answer questions from his classmates.  There were the typical," What is your favorite toy?" , and "What is your sister's name?".  Then, there was "Where were you born?" to which Jeremy answered ," Guatemala." very matter of factly. (We have always been open with him about his being adopted and who his birth mother and foster mother were). Then, there was THE question," How did you get your name?" from a sweet little girl in his class. Jeremy looked at her and then looked at me because he really didn't know.  I had told him before but I don't think he remembered.  I took a deep breath and explained that Jeremy was born in Guatemala to a birth mother who named him.  When Guy and I adopted him, we liked the name so much we decided to keep that name and that is how his name is Jeremy.  And....that was questions about what a birth mother was or why he was born in Guatemala or why I wasn't his birth mother.  It was just total acceptance of his story and that was it......amazing!!!

This past month for me has had some ups and downs, but I can see how there are so many signs and ways to be happy right where you are.  I see it everyday in my kids and how they interact with their friends...we can learn an awful lot from them.:)

A dear friend of mine gave me a quote before I moved away from the U.S.  It says:

For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am focusing on that quote now and remembering that I have a living example of how to be happy each and every day.:)

working on computers when we arrived in class

presenting his poster

sharing his treat

Just thought I'd throw this one in....he is starting karate:)

and he LOVES Michael Jackson:)

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  1. you always handle those "tough questions" with such grace! Love-K