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Friday, October 7, 2011

Back to Germany

Here's a picture from lunch today...I'll explain how we got here...
It seems like we have been bouncing back and forth over the German/ Austrian border like a ping pong ball these last few days and it has been so fun!!!  Yesterday, we did our last "bounce" over into Germany, and this is where we we will be staying until we head back to Lagos on Sunday.  We arrived in Stuttgart to visit our dear friends, The Hoffs, for a few days before we leave.:)  It seems strange that we have seen them more in the last year living in different countries than we saw them when we were living in the U.S.!!! They moved to Germany last year, and since we LOVE to travel to Europe for our "getaway" trips from only makes sense to come and knock on their door.:)  We were here in April. Click here to see a post from our visit then.:)

Passing through the tunnel into Germany 

The kids were extra excited to see their friends, and the only logical thing to do when we arrived was head straight to the local Biergarten ( right?!) to let the kids run off some energy and for the adults to flex their biceps drinking some great wine.:)

not too used to scooter riding:)

playing on slide at Biergarten:)

The four "kinders" and their ice cream:)
 Last night, my sweet friend, Kirstin, and I had some great wine and sat on her back porch listening to the rain and cool breeze through the trees.  I had forgotten (or maybe never realized) how much I really enjoy chilly weather ( notice I didn't say cold?)  Like I said in my posts from April, we may not see each other often...but we can always seem to pick right up were we left off.:)

Today, we headed to a local restaurant for a great lunch:)  Pro Arte is a great restaurant in Stuttgart with some fabulous Mediterranean food...the kids loved it!:)
Picture by Lizzy!!!! Can you believe it!?

where are the kids?:)

Lizzy and Kirstin at lunch:)
 After lunch (and dropping the kids off back at the house with Guy..thank you, Guy!!!) I rode bikes with Kirstin to the local fresh market.  I have read about this market on her blog before, but it is so different when you get to go and experience it for yourself.  There are so many fresh cheeses, pastries, breads, olives, spreads, name's probably there and more fresh than if you lived on a farm yourself!!!!
 Then, it started raining and I got to experience riding through the rain home from the fresh market.  It was cold, but the good thing is everything is so close to where you live. So, the bike ride was wet and cold, but I was back at her house before I knew it!:)  Thanks so much for having us again and for showing us some more of the charm of Stuttgart which has become your home.:)  You are the epitome of Southern hospitality...all while speaking German!:)

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