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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In and Out of Osterriech ( Austria)

Today our travels took us back over the border into Germany. Once again, the mountains and beauty of it all simply amazes us! This time, though, we made sure everyone was looking out the windows and not drawing our unfortunate mishap yesterday....poor Jeremy :(

We headed to the town of Fussen, Germany. Fussen is known for its spot on the Via Claudia Augusta
( ancient Roman road) which linked the Po River Valley to southern Germany across the Alps.  This town does have a lot of history, but we came to see the castles of King Ludwig II  ( Mad King Ludwig).  Hohenschwangau  ( which you can see in the background behind Guy and the kids) was Ludwig's boyhood home.
Walking along the main street in the town, you can see another Maypole which shows the various vendors and crafts which were sold in the market...
And here it is, the main reason we came to Fussen.  One of my dreams came to a realization today.  After years of having this same castle plastered on my walls growing up...I got to actually come to see Neuschwanstein Castle!!!  I have to say it looks so much better in person!!!  This is the castle which King Ludwig II was building when he died.  He could literally look across the hilltops from Hohenschwangau castle to see the progress...

Neuschwanstein  Castle in Bavaria inspired Walt Disney's castle
Construction started on the castle in 1869 and stopped in 1886 when King Ludwig II died in a lake. He only lived in this castle for 172 days!!! He had only died six weeks before tourists started to pay to tour inside.  Only a third of the castle was actually completed.  It is hard to believe that this castle was never inhabited for very looks so magical on the hilltop.  The tour was interesting also, and it was amazing to see how lavish the rooms were decorated for the king.
Walking up to the castle, you would think you were in an enchanted forest.  Seriously, I was waiting to see the seven dwarfs walk right across the road!!!!:)  I can really get a sense of the tales of fairies and goblins walking through the woods...
Guy and the kids on Mary's Bridge near the castle

King Ludwig II

One picture I could take..huge stove used to heat a room in the castle

view from the castle grounds

beautiful view!

walking down from the castle:)
After seeing the spectacular views and the amazing castle ( and taking a horse drawn carriage ride the rest of the way down from the castle), we stopped at a local restaurant , Hotel Muller, for lunch.  The food was great, but I don't think that anything could beat actually eating Bavarian cream in Bavaria!!!!!:)
Do you see a theme here???? We are back at a waterfront with kids...and rocks!!!:)  The kids took turns throwing rocks into the Lech River.:)

On the way back, we stopped at some man -made falls from the Lech river.

Lech river
And from there, we headed back into Austria....and the kids took a BIG, FAT, nap!!:)  And, I have to admit, so did I...something I almost never do during the day.  I don't know if it is the air or the scenery, the good food or the great wine...but I really feel that I can truly and honestly relax here.:)
As we were driving back today, I was thinking to myself," Traveling can really make you see things differently."...especially for moms:)
For example:

1)  You may start to think of french fries as an actual vegetable when you are eating out all the time with the kids:)

2)  It doesn't matter that your kids are drinking out of the same water bottles since Saturday...right???!!

3) I love the mirrors at can only see down to your waist, and truthfully...that is all I want to see on myself!:)

4) It's okay if the kids stay up late and don't take regular naps:)

5) The pounds you gain while on vacation don't really count..ha ha!!

For me, one thing which has been very different for me this week is that I have finally been able to shipments to buy for, no emergency doctor visits ( at least not yet...knock on wood!)...just beautiful scenery and being with my family.  Thank you, Guy, for making a childhood dream of mine come true.:)  I think we almost have this travel thing perfected.:)

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  1. Okay - time to up the stakes on the travel techniques. Let us know when you are arriving - beds will be made !! Have a parcel coming your way via Guy. We did a kinda shrimp boil last weekend with family so you have been very much in our thoughts. Doing well at this end, fingers crossed.
    Love to all. Angela