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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A VERY Good Day

I have to say I had my doubts about how this day would go when it began this morning. I had the kids all ready to go to school. I had my back pack packed and ready to head out to the beach school. I had Fatai waiting downstairs with a load of books to go out to the school...the only thing missing was Happiness. I guess we got our wires crossed yesterday about the time I needed her to be at the flat this morning to stay with the kids. As soon as she arrived, I knew I was already going to be late to the boat dock to get on the boat that goes out to the school. I ran down the steps of the compound ( carrying an easel donated to the school by a friend here on the compound) and yelled to Fatai, " I need you Now, Now!!!" That is a phrase used in Nigeria to get the point across that you need something immediately. I never ever thought I would use that phrase myself...but let me tell you...I don't think I have ever seen Fatai run across the parking lot so fast to open my door! I did get to the dock and despite an overzealous security guard at the restaurant near the boat dock not wanting to let us out onto the dock...we did get on the boat and made it out to the beach in record time....only about 35 minutes!!!
For the last few months, a few members of the board and some high school students have been working together to collect books so the children at the beach school could have a library. The high school boys came out today to help put the books on the shelves and organize them so the children at the school will be able to enjoy them.
Installing the library at the school has been a process. We started out by bringing shelves a few trips back and explaining to the teachers that we would be bringing books out for the children. Then, last week, a few of the members from the board came out to talk to the teachers and Lady Salami about what a library is and how it can be used and some pictures for them to see what a library really looks like. It is very humbling to me that some of the teachers there have never seen a library...and how could they ever teach a child what a library was or how it should be used if they themselves did not know?
Today, the members of the foundation made another trip out to actually deliver the books and this was one of those days when my "teaching cap" came back out! I got to tap off the dust on that cap and put it back on...and it was soooo much fun!!!! We had every class ( grades pre primary through primary 6) come into the library with their teachers, and I talked with all of them about how to act in the library and take care of the books and where their books for their particular grade were located on the shelves.:)
The looks on their faces were priceless.:) They loved being read to and they LOVED that they had so many books they could choose.:) Below is a quick video of them singing a song to say good bye to us before we were leaving to head back.

There is no other way to say it:

1 fast boat ride+ 4 great high school boys+ 6 awesome board members+3 library shelves+ tons of books + the smiling faces of the teachers and students= a VERY good day!

I have to savor this moment.....good days are often hard to come by here in Lagos.:) And with that I bid you O daa ro! and Ese (pronounced eh-sheh) which means thank you. Thank you for taking the time to share in this very good day with me.:)

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  1. So sweet! This is stuff that will make memories for you.