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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today was like most days here in Lagos. I was in my car armed with my camera looking for anything I may see that would be picture worthy...or at least what I would call picture worthy.:) it is always amazing to me how many things I see here every day which I haven't seen before. If any of you ever plan to come to Nigeria, you need to be prepared to see some of the strangest things. For instance, at a traffic light, ( yes, we stopped), I saw this huge truck loaded with soda ( minerals), water bottles and crates of other things just stacked on top of each other. Nothing was strapped down and it was a miracle that nothing rolled off as the driver turned the corner. I told Fatai that the things on the truck could fall off. He said, " No Madame, everything is on wood." I looked at him and then looked at the, just because things are stacked on wooden palates they won't tip out? I never heard that one before!!:)
Here's something just in case anyone was looking for a "Nany" a.k.a nanny:)
This was the real kicker I saw today after picking Elizabeth up from school driving across the Falomo bridge, I saw this truck which apparently was carrying Raid insect killer. I am not sure SC Johnson is aware that on the side of a truck advertising its insect killer there is a baby sitting there looking very confused!:) ( I guess if I was that baby, I would be really confused about why I was on the same advertisement as Raid, too!) It occurred to me that Lagos has things that you would see other places like signs and trucks...but they just aren't quite what you would expect.:)

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