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Monday, March 7, 2011

Robbery Money

Today, Happiness was leaving and told me she was going to stop at the market before she went home. She was gathering her things and put some money in her pockets. Then, she said, " I can't forget my robbery money!"as she put a little bit of money in her purse. It occurred to me that I hadn't really talked about that on a previous post. In Nigeria ( especially Lagos), it is a good idea to carry "robbery money" in case you are mugged for the assailant to take from you. You should never keep all your money in one place. It should be spread out in many pockets on the clothes you are wearing...but never, ever all in your purse or wallet.:) I had a friend who recently moved on to another assignment who actually had her driver tell her she should have another mobile phone in the car in case they were ever robbed while in the car. She showed him her phone that she actually used and he told her that no one who robbed their car would actually believe that she used that phone!!! He told her she should get another phone which was more believable! I don't think she ever did get another phone and I'm not sure about a decoy phone, but just the fact that you would have to think about something like that was crazy to me. Now, it is pretty much second nature to not carry all my money in one place...although, I don't have a decoy phone. Maybe I could use Elizabeth's princess phone if anyone ever tries to rob us in the you think they'll believe that one is mine?:)

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