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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


When you live in Lagos, you always have to expect that there will be traffic at the times you want to get somewhere in a hurry and no traffic when it doesn't matter how long it takes you to get somewhere. Of course, today was one of those days that I had picked Elizabeth up from school and wanted her to get home to have lunch so she could take a good nap this afternoon. Then, we got on the Falomo Bridge and the Lagos traffic had a very different idea indeed.

There was gridlocked traffic and I could see by the amount of vendors in the "go slow" that this traffic jam would most likely last awhile. I started to feel a little frustrated wanting to get home and knowing there was not a thing I could do but sit in the traffic jam with vendors walking right by our car looking inside asking us if we wanted to buy something...
This is what "hawking" looks like here in Lagos. These vendors aren't supposed to be out in traffic selling things...but they do all over the place.
Then, I saw this one....I just had to laugh. I think I have put a picture of someone selling toilet seats in the " go slow" before....but it just hit me because I wondered, " Has anyone ever actually bought a toilet seat while they were stuck in traffic?" If a person did then he or she must really need one! My friend who was with me in the car wondered if they sell that many that they keep selling them in the streets. I said, "Either that or they can't sell the original ones and they just keep hauling them out hoping some desperate soul will buy one!"
Anyone need a car air freshener???
Anyone need candy??
Dog leashes anyone???
Wall clocks??? I swear that you can probably find anything you would ever need sitting in Lagos traffic! That is anything except what one newly potty trained three year old really needs!!!!! Yep, you guessed it!!!
Unfortunately there were no potties on sale in the "go slow" today. Mommy's water bottle had to do for this little lady to do her business. I know you are all looking at this picture and thinking,"Gross!! Nasty!! That's pee!!!" Well, that may be true...but it is a definite first for us...Lizzy is the first one to pee in a water bottle in the car!:) I just had to document it!:) (Note to self: Always bring a few pull-ups in the car for times like these!)


  1. She got skills from her father. Her daddy pee'd in a water bottle while riding the BART in SF at 1am... and a little buzzed from drinks. She is developing quickly...

  2. Maybe you can teach that one to Cooper when you visit! Did you buy one of those pretty wallclocks:)

  3. That's funny and crazy at the same time! Way to go, Elizabeth. I'm 35, and I don't recall ever doing that! So, how long are you in the car when you take the kids to school? Just wondering as I was reading the last two posts!

  4. New place new skills to be learnt and unlearn some old ones. Kids pick up fast. LOL. What about adults!