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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Streets of Lagos

I planned to write on the blog yesterday. But, I got sidetracked. I got a call from my dad that my mom's recovery from her hip surgery done last month isn't going as planned, and she will have to undergo another hip surgery on Wednesday...again. So, needless to say my night was filled with phone calls and worry. All prayers are welcome for my mom.

I have a few minutes to write a quick post this morning since it is environmental Saturday. Or, at least it was supposed to be...but it was cancelled because the next three Saturdays no one, except voters at designated times, will be allowed out on the streets on Saturdays. In true Nigerian fashion, no one knew this until yesterday that environmental day was cancelled.:) So, Jeremy's tee ball game won't begin until 11:30 under the blazing African Sun.:)

I thought I would share these pictures with you. It is always entertaining to "people watch" on the streets of Lagos.:)
Not sure what this man was doing carrying this P.C. monitor and CPU down Awolowo road. Fatai said he was going to repair it....I just hope he doesn't get robbed.:)

Above is a picture of men sleeping on a truck with hundreds of bags of concrete....maybe that is comfortable???!!!

Not too sure if that rope is going to hold whatever is overloaded on the public bus...glad Fatai went into the other lane after I snapped this picture.:)

Would you believe me if I told you this Muslim girl was riding an okada and there was a baby strapped to her back under her veil??? Well, you should, because it is true!:)
I didn't know there was a Nigerian Idol!!!! I will have to see if i can catch that one on T.V.!:)

Ok, this one was really have to look closely. I almost didn't see this man up on the scaffolding in BARE FEET and no safety equipment working on this building. Can you see him?? He has no hard hat and no shoes. I was going to edit the picture so you could see him more up close...but you get a better idea of how high he is from this picture.

So, there are a few pictures of what I saw I said....always entertaining!:)

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  1. I hope all goes well with your mom! Keep me updated. Love