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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Under the Bridge

I have heard the phrase "under the bridge" mentioned many times since moving to Lagos. It is a mysterious place where some of the sweetest pineapples and the biggest avocados come from. I pass by this curious place each day when I take Elizabeth and Jeremy to school, and I have always shied away from going there. I think it was my own insecurity of knowing I would be one of the only oyibos there. But, last week, I thought to myself, " That is so silly! I can so go under the bridge to see what it's all about!" I talked to Happiness, and she and I decided that today was the day we would go "under the bridge".
I have to say that it is the furthest thing from a scary experience I have had here.:) I really didn't know what to expect as far as how dirty it was there. But, it is what it is a market literally under the Falomo bridge.:) There are tons of vendors there set up with pineapples, mangos, lettuces, veggies, and so much more. The only downside was that the vendors saw me with Happiness and did hike the prices up a little bit.:)
A picture of Happiness getting ready to go into the market.
Here is one of the vendors getting a watermelon for us.

Another vendor with tons of avocados, melons, limes, lemons, and mangos.
Right next to the fruit and vegetable market under the bridge is the fish market. Here is a picture of what it looks like walking up to it ( bridge included).
There is a surprisingly decent selection of fish here at the market. There is grouper, tuna (which Happiness gets for us quite a bit), croaker, red snapper....and even baracuda!
Here are some HUGE prawns. Happiness has gotten us shrimp here tons of times and it is really good.:)
Here are some of the fishermen cleaning the fish.
Yes, this is really a baracuda! I can honestly say, we have never had that.....yet.:)
Red snapper and croaker.
We did get some fish from this lady, and she is cleaning it in this picture.

There are also some GIANT snails in case anyone is interested in some escargot.:) I do have to say my first experience under the bridge was a very positive experience. Now, I don't have to think of it as some distant far away place I will never ever go. In fact, I just may go there again sometime soon.:) I'll leave you with a quick video of some of the vendors in vegetable market. I was trying to video my experience there without the vendors knowing because I didn't know how they would feel about it....but one of them actually wanted me to film I thought I would share it with you.:) With that I will say Ayo ni o! ( "cheers" in Yoruba) and E kaale!
( good night!)


  1. Those are the days that make living Abroad all worth while! I am glad you had such a great day!

  2. I think I'll love to go under the bridge it is so much like how India was before the malls happened here.