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Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy Weekend!

This weekend seems like it was a whirlwind of things happening. Since Friday morning, things have been in a constant state of motion in our home. It started on Friday morning when we heard that there was a huge earthquake in Japan. Guy's sister lives about 20 minutes outside of Tokyo , so obviously we were worried about her. Guy immediately sent her an e-mail not knowing if she would even be able to receive it. She did respond pretty quickly, so we felt better. She was even able to Skype with Guy on Friday. she said the the initial earthquake was bad and that the after shocks lasted over three hours. She even had an after shock while Guy was talking to her on Skype. I am blown away by how small this huge world seems when we can talk to her in Japan all the way from Nigeria on our computer!:) Rachel, we are so glad you are okay! Our thoughts are with you and everyone in Japan who experienced this huge natural disaster...

It's a good thing we found out Guy's sister was okay since we had a very special occasion to celebrate this weekend...
Lizzy turned three on Sunday!!!!!:)
The celebrating started with a small party at school for her on Friday.

Guy and I were able to come and spend some time in her class with the birthday girl and her friends.:)
She got to share her poster with all of her pictures on it...
She was way too happy about that!:)
Then, of course there were ...of course!!!:)
On Saturday, another little girl in her class had a Princess birthday party. Lizzy was so happy to see Cinderella and we had to snap a picture.:) ( Do not ask me where this girl's mother was able to find an actual carriage here in Nigeria...I was blown away!!!!)
Birthday morning!!!! She got tons of presents and would barely sit still for me to take her you can see by the blurry picture above.:) (All gifts were brought in our annual shipment.:)
The birthday girl and her big brother.:)
Now, it was time for Lizzy's birthday party!:) It wouldn't have been possible without these two great ladies...Happiness and her friend Josephine.:) They are great helpers and of course, the food was edible because of them!:)
We had her party outside at the playground. The weather held up rain...but thank goodness there isn't a temperature camera because you would feel the 90 degree heat with the 200 % humidity...
We had a Hello Kitty party ( Again, using things I brought in the shipment....glad she was still happy with that theme considering I did the shipment last June.:). She loved having her face painted with whiskers and her cat ears she made.:)
Her new bike for her birthday!:) She loved it! You can tell I live in Nigeria when every time I look at these pictures, I think to myself, "Yep...that was in the shipment , also!"
Craft table:)
Birthday cake time!:) The kids had fun decorating the cupcakes with sprinkles( guessed it!!! Brought in the shipment!:)
Quick family picture!:)
Lizzy and her buddy, Erik:)
Of course, we had more presents to open from Grammy and squire and other friends.:)
She loved the nightgown from a dear friend of mine!:) It's crazy how busy our weekend was! As I was thinking about writing this post, I realized how much fun we had this weekend. Sometimes I wish we could take a quick weekend trip out of the compound, but we really can't drive too far away from our compound without security.....

Here, we have to make our own fun. It just doesn't come that easily here. And somewhere in the middle of all the fun we had, my little girl turned three!:)


  1. you always do things 150% perfect! Happy Birthday Lizzy! I can't wait to meet you soon!

  2. Happy late birthday Elizabeth (who is this Lizzy chic?)! We were in Disney World. What a crazy fun place. Y'all need to go when you're back in the good old U S of A! Hugs!

  3. That looks like a fun birthday. I hope that you don't mind me commenting on your blog. You may have seen my visits from Ithaca, NY. I have been very comforted to find your blog about a family living in Nigeria. My husband just got a job offer in Yola and we are nearing the time of decision. We have a son that is just the same age as your Elizabeth and he was born within the same week she was. I hope that I might find a way to ask you some questions if we do take the position, but I am sure it is kindof odd to be contacted by someone you never met before. My name is Joy and I taught elementary education for a couple years, but now I stay home with my son. My husband is a development economist. As I previewed this post I see that it is my husband's name and picture that appear with it. Your blog has been a great blessing to me already even if we don't end up in Nigeria and I wanted to think you. Hope that your adventure never out weighs your strength. Your blog has been one among many answers to prayers

  4. HI Joy, I am so sorry, i just saw your comment. I was looking through my posts and saw your comment just now.:) I am so not technologically gifted to set up my comments to go through my email.:) you can reply to me through comments on the blog since I know you wouldn't want to post your email address through the internet.:) I'll check back on this post in a few days and see if you have left another comment.:) i would be happy to help...i know it can be a very nerve racking experience to move there.:) talk to you soon! meredith:)

  5. Joy says, Thank you for responding. I will try to post my comments on more resent posts, so they are easier to see. I was wondering tonight if you might have responded and I am not technically savy enough to know how that would happen, but I just got the idea to look back at this post. And so I just read your response. I don't really have any questions yet. I am still gathering information. We have not yet accepted the job in Yola and I am sure that Yola would not be a same as Lagos, but thank you for your willingness to let me comment or ask questions. I never left a message on a blog of someone that I didn't know before, so I was feeling a little stupid. Take care :)

  6. Derrill says,

    Greetings, Mererdith. Thank you on my behalf as well. You are a nice introduction to many things for Joy.

    If you want to be notified by email when someone comments, go to the "Settings" tab when you start a new post (the third tab). The fourth option underneath that is "Comments." Click on that and scroll all the way to the bottom. It says "Comment Notification Email." Type in your email address -- no one else will see it -- and blogspot will send you an email anytime anyone comments on any of your posts.

    Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of any of your posts and click on "Subscribe by email" and you can get an email for any comments just on that one post. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your email is not given out to anyone when you do that either.


  7. Hi Derrill and Joy! Thanks, Derrill for letting me know how to get comments to my I can hopefully respond a little bit sooner.:) Whenever either of you have a question, please let me know...I'll try to help the best I can! Take care! Meredith:)