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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What was that??

On Tuesday, we were taking Jeremy to play with a friend on Ikoyi and as we were driving, Fatai said, "Madame, did you see that?" I said, "What?" and he said " the woman driving the okada!" I looked out my window and sure enough...there was a woman driving an okada!! I had not seen a woman driver on an okada ...and it is not very common around here. I told Fatai to slow down and he did ( he is used to me wanting to take pictures of everything.:)), but by the time I had my camera ready, he had already passed her. So, I asked him if he could pull over so I could take a picture of her out the window. She had stopped about 50 yards behind us at a fruit stand. I tried to zoom in to get a picture of her...but we weren't close enough. So, Fatai backed the car up a little bit so I could get a picture.:) I did get a picture (although it still isn't very good), and the woman was laughing at me. You never may only see one woman okada driver around here every ten I had to get the picture.:)

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