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Sunday, March 21, 2010


A little lagniappe for you (for those of you not familiar with New Orleans..this term means "something given by way of good measure. " However , I always thought of it as a little extra information.)

Jeremy: He was on the phone with my mom tonight telling her about things he had done today. We had just brought out our box of Easter decorations and the kids had been playing with the plastic eggs. He told her about the eggs. She asked him if there was candy in them. He said, " candy.....mommy said they have too much salt . Elizabeth and me just play with the eggs."

Elizabeth: We took the kids to the pool this afternoon, and they were both playing in the small pool. Guy and I were talking and as we were talking , Guy noticed that Elizabeth had taken one of Jeremy's Crocs and dunked it under water. Some of the water was coming out of the shoe....but the the rest of it was going into her mouth...yes, she was drinking POOL WATER OUT OF A SHOE!!!! That is my little genius.:)

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