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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Run Towards the Cure

Yesterday, at Jeremy's school, there was a race/ walk for Breast Cancer. Cancer in general was a word that didn't really mean much to me until five years ago when my grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Since then, I have known two other women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the women I know is a mother of a little boy who is in class with Jeremy, and the other one is a dear lady i taught kindergarten with. I decided that this year I would participate in a cancer walk to help raise money for cancer research. I had never done a walk like this before, and it was so inspiring to see everyone there gathered for one important cause. It was a breast cancer walk, but the real purpose was to raise awareness of cancer...and to help women in early detection. I put my grandma's name on my t-shirt and the name of another woman who has breast cancer as well. My grandma may not have breast cancer, but she is a woman and all women need support for what they are going through.:)

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