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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Waholla......what does that mean??? It is a Nigerian term for big trouble. I heard Fatai use that word today when we were driving in the car. There had been an accident (not us) in front of us. Of course many Nigerians are drawn to a confrontation for no reason at all...several other drivers proceeded to get out of their cars and approach the driver who was at fault. This resulted in about 7 cars without drivers who were blocking the road. About 10 minutes later and a few shoves and pushes.....the drivers all returned to their vehicles. Fatai honked at the driver in front of us getting back into his car...and the other driver flipped us off!!!! I couldn't believe is not just a U.S. thing. I mentioned it to Fatai and he said, " I know ...he was shaking his finger at me." and he put up his index finger to show me. I knew that wasn't the finger that was used...and had to laugh quietly to myself. As we approached the bridge...there was a "go slow"
(traffic jam). The public works people decided that it would a good idea to go out and change the light bulbs in the street lights during the day when the traffic was so busy. Fatai was funny. He said," They are only changing the lights now to show that they are working." I had to laugh because I am sure that is exactly why they were doing that then. They could have done it at night when the traffic isn't so bad. Finally, after we crossed the bridge, we were stopped by a man in the middle of the road with a flashlight. He put his hand up for us to stop and then took the flashlight and aimed it to the sky as if he was looking for something...but of course there was nothing there! He wasn't a police officer...just a mad man! So, that was my experience with waholla! What a day!:)

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