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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Deaf and Dump

Today I was feeling a little bit down about missing my grandparents and aunt and uncle and cousins. I was in the car with Fatai when I looked out the window and saw a man standing next to the car in front of us at a stop light (yes, the cars actually stopped at a stop light today). He had a sign tied with a rope around his neck. I couldn't really see what it said from our car. He started walking towards our car...I had to look at the sign twice to really believe what it said. It said,"I am deaf and dump". At first I wanted to laugh.... I just couldn't believe that someone would put that on a sign...let alone wear it around his neck. Then, I thought about getting out of the car and at least correcting his sign. Then, I thought..that is really pitiful. Then, I contemplated taking a picture of the man because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. But, I decided against it...that would be too mean. Finally, I thought to myself," I thought my day was least I am not deaf and dump."

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