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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Random Happenings

Here are a few things the kids have done in the past few days:

Elizabeth: Last night the kids were getting ready to take a bath. Jeremy was already in the tub. Guy was in the bathroom to give them a bath. I was in Elizabeth's room cleaning up from the day and putting toys away in her room. I had just dressed the doll she got for Christmas. She came in and gave me her doll and said, "Helpy!!!" as she tried to take the dress off the doll herself. I helped her take the dress off, and next she said," Shoo Shoo!!" So we took off the shoes and the diaper. Now, the doll was naked. She left the room with the doll. In the back of my mind I thought," I hope she doesn't put the doll in the tub." Just as I finished that thought, I heard Jeremy say, "Mommy, can the doll go in the tub??" Guy didn't even catch her put it in the tub...she was too quick. She looked at me with huge eyes because she couldn't think what she did wrong (I have to add that the doll was a Bitty Baby from American Girl..with hair) the doll was not cheap. I looked at the doll floating in the tub and then looked back at Elizabeth...and I just couldn't be mad at her. As I was brushing out the doll's hair so it would dry...I thought to myself...what a smart little girl I have.:)

Jeremy: Guy went in to check on him after he was in bed last night. Jeremy told him, "Daddy, I am praying to God." Guy asked him what he was praying for. Jeremy said,"I am praying that Elizabeth doesn't pinch me, and I pray that Elizabeth doesn't pull my hair." Guy said, " You can also thank God for things." Jeremy looked at him and thought for a minute and said," I Thank God for all of my toys."

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