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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Big Party

On Saturday, we had a Prncess Party for the little princess who turned two.:) We invited some little girls from the compound to come over and wear their princess costumes. The girls had a ball making tiaras, puting on make-up, pinning the crown on the princess, looking for the "poison" apple, and passing around the glass slipper.:) Jeremy was so cute. He asked me every day starting on Wednesday if it was Elizabeth's birthday. He was so worried he would miss the party. I think he enjoyed the party even more that she did. I am sure he also enjoyed being the only boy at the princess party.:) The little princesses feasted on hot dogs, french fries, and chocolate cupcakes which they decorated themselves, and also pink vanilla ice cream. I think they all had a "royal" time.:)

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  1. What a cute party??? I can't believe that she's 2 already! I love the idea to take a picture the night before and the next day...I'll have to steal that idea from you! Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!