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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What do the African Rains Bring?

What do the rains in Africa bring with them???? Apparently one little cutie who couldn't wait to wear her rain boots!:)
 And some really cool looking clouds which kind of look like it may rain ...or maybe not....but usually it does.:)
 One thing I never expected the rains to bring is higher prices on produce Under the Bridge. Happiness went to get the veggies yesterday and the vendors under the bridge told her the heavy rains which fell last week actually killed many of the plants where they bring in their produce so the prices went up....
 one kilo of tomatoes went from 500 naira up to 1000 naira!!!!
 bananas went from 250-300 naira up to 500 naira!!
And the watermelon went from 600 naira up to 800 naira.  And that was with Happiness buying the produce for me...I don't know what the oyibo price would be.:)  I just never thought the rains would bring higher prices for the in Lagos is always full of surprises!!!

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