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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Our Friday night was a far cry from the late nights of dancing and partying of our "younger" years, but we loved every single minute of dollhouse playing and Lego building.:)

Saturday afternoon led us to a dear friend's princess birthday party over at the GQ on Ikoyi.  There really is not anything like an African thunderstorm blowing in.  The only things that comes even close is a Texas hurricane.  But, this storm blew in fast and fierce!  The temperature must have dropped 15 degrees in a matter of minutes!

Luckily, the kids spirits weren't too "rained out"  ( and the power didn't go out!)  There wasn't anything some cartoon network and piza couldn't handle inside the restaurant.:)  But, the storm raged on outside!!

And Today, we headed off to the Oriental Hotel here on V.I. for the Mother's Day "Big Hat" brunch (even though it was a week early). All proceeds go to breast cancer research right here in Nigeria so it is for a great cause!!! Thank you, Happiness for finding hats for Lizzy and me.:) (She trekked through Balogun market for us!).

We were joined by some of our very dear friends here.:)
 The whole banquet hall was decorated in pink and even the napkins were in the shape of the breast  cancer awareness ribbon.:)

There was some great dancing from the Society of Performing Arts Nigeria..

I even won a voucher for a brunch at a local restaurant!  I never win anything!!!!:)

Guy went up to the roof tonight to see the "Super" moon.  He got a few pictrures.  I am just impressed that we can see the moon.  The sky was incredibly clear today!!:)

 It was a really good weekend here in Lagos.  Great kids, great family (near and far), great friends (near and far!) ...what more could I ask for?:)

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