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Friday, November 19, 2010

You know you are in Nigeria when...

You have to blow dry your hair in......your kitchen!!! Yes, that is where I ended up today after plugging and unplugging the appliance I use everyday. It all started with pushing the button on the blow dryer in my bathroom....and it didn't work. It turned out that the outlet just doesn't work anymore. So, I went to the kids' bathroom and everything was working out just fine, when POOF!!! a spark shot out of the outlet and the blow dryer turned off. That was it for that outlet...and the adapter. Then, the search was on for another adapter. After one was finally located, the last place I could go and dry my hair was kitchen. The only good thing about drying my hair in the kitchen was that I could be entertained by all the crazy okada drivers I can see out my kitchen window.:) On top of that, Elizabeth was up way too early this morning which was evident by her constant whining and refusal of putting on her Belle, Cinderella or Princess Jasmine panties......of course she wanted the Princess Tiana ones ( which were the first ones I pulled out of her drawer and rejected I might add!). I think she is getting up so early now because she is in her "big girl" bed and is not "jailed" in by her crib.:) Between her and the quest to blow dry my hair today, I was ready for a glass of wine at 7 a.m. No, just kidding......but never underestimate a great cup of coffee to make yourself feel better.:)

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