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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Last night, I was up with a sick child. Jeremy had a fever and I was up every four hours to check on him and give him medicine. Needless to say, I was exhausted when I finally had to get up for good this morning. I felt a little crazy until I was looking through some pictures I took from the car last week, and they made me realize that my life isn't as crazy as I sometimes think it is.:)

I thought I'd share these pictures with you. The kids and I saw this truck carrying bulls "to market" as Fatai says. Elizabeth looked out the window and asked me "Why the cows fallin' down?" Sure enough every time the truck stopped ( which was a lot in the traffic we were in) the bulls would fall forward on top of one another. Jeremy asked me if they were hurt. I am sure they weren't feeling too good. I am not sure what he USDA would have to say about the transportation of these bulls.

I'm glad I don't have the man who is sitting in the back of the truck's job.:)

This made me laugh out loud when I saw this public bus. This is an example of a true Nigerian exhaust system. It comes complete with a chain to hold up the muffler.:) So, I now realize my life isn't so crazy after all. Sometimes I think what I see here is crazy, but for many Nigerians, it is just life as usual.:) Maye if I stay here long enough, I'll start to think like a Nigerian........on second thought...nah!:)

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