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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

This year, we had a super brave Spiderman and a beautiful ballerina in our house for Halloween.:) It was a jam packed Halloween weekend which started with a Halloween party and parade at Jeremy's school on Friday.
They made Jack-o- lantern masks and had pumpkin cookies. I was one of the room moms who helped out with the party. It is so cute to see the little ones all dressed up. I couldn't believe there were three Spidermen in Jeremy's class this year, and they all sat at the same table in his classroom.:)

Here is a picture of some of the pre-K kids before the costume parade. Then, they all got to trick or treat in different classrooms.:)
On Saturday, We headed over to some good friends we have made on another compound. Their compound is so nice because you actually feel like you may be in the U.S. It has streets and driveways and lots of green space. The kids had fun... lots of fun going to a Halloween party and then trick or treating in the compound. It almost felt like we were in Houston until Guy noticed the 15 foot concrete wall topped with electric fencing.....then we were shocked back into reality...this was Nigeria...not the U.S.:)

Jeremy's first taste of cotton candy with one of his friends.....Racer X.:)
Lizzy won a cupcake or a "tuptate" as she calls it in the cake walk at the Halloween Party.:)
On Sunday, our compound had a costume parade and trick or treating.:) Here I am with a couple friends here on our compound.:)
Lizzy and one of her little friends.....the soccer player and the Ballerina.:)
Jeremy wanted Happiness to come trick or treating. We had been watching " It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" and Jeremy really wanted her to dress up as a ghost. She is such a sweet person. She showed up and wore her costume and helped me carry Lizzy up all the steps here in the compound.:) I am sure she thinks all the oyibos have lost their mind wearing all these silly costumes ( Halloween is not really celebrated in Nigeria).
There was a clown at the party here on our compound, and Jeremy was too excited when she made him a balloon Spiderman!:)
All the parents were trying to get a group shot of all the kids before they headed off to trick or treat. it was so funny to see all the parents and all the cameras flashing to get a good shot.:) All in all the kids had a great weekend. Guy and I were just talking about how fast the weekend went. We hope you all have a very safe and happy Halloween. Now, I am off to sort through the candy. It is an unwritten rule that Mommy gets all the chocolate, right?:)

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