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Thursday, October 28, 2010

It"s Here!!!

Our shipment came on Tuesday night in true Nigerian fashion. I was on the phone many times on Tuesday with the moving company trying to figure out when they would deliver the shipment since it had been released from customs last week. And, just after, the lady told me it wouldn't be Tuesday, I got a call from Guy telling me that the shipment was at the front gate of the compound......and there it was. All 65 boxes had been opened and gone through. Thankfully, only minor things were taken....a few rolls of paper towels, hand cream, some of Jeremy's socks and shorts for school. So, all in all, not too only took a little over 4 months to get here!!!:)

Elizabeth has never had her own bedding. She had been using the crib set I used for Jeremy when we brought him home. Guy and I thought it was time for her to have her very own bed set just for her.....along with matching curtains and rug, of course.:)

The kids Bathroom got a few new things, we decided to go with ducks. You may think that this is crazy that I am taking a picture of a shower curtain from Target and posting it on the blog...but we have waited four months for it to come and the kids are so excited about it:) Especially the soap dispenser and the trash can that quack when you press and open it.:)

Jeremy has a few new additions to his room since I posted a picture of his room last. He is the only one in the family that got to bring all of his bedroom furniture with him when we moved here.:) If you can't tell he is really into race cars.:)

That was just a little bit of what came in our shipment. Of course there was a ton of dog food and regular food, cleaning upplies, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. I never thought seeing these ordinary things could make me so happy.:)

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