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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy Lizzie's Workout

Today, Elizabeth had a playdate with a little girl we met in her playgroup. I invited the little girl and her mom over to our flat for the girls to play together. It was so nice to meet another little girl who is almost exactly Elizabeth's same age. I have to say I was looking forward to it until this morning when the reality hit me. We were having another little girl come to our flat ,AND she was going to play with Elizabeth's toys. To put it mildly, Elizabeth can turn into Attila the Hun when someone is playing with one of HER toys.

When Elizabeth's little playmate got here, everything seemed fine, but only because she stayed close by her mom. When she went to play on the plastic car, Elizabeth immediately dropped her shape sorting and ran over to shout," No!! Mine!!" So, I distracted her by having her push her baby stroller with her doll. The other little girl finished with the car and Lizzie ran over to get on it. Her little friend started pushing the stroller, and Elizabeth got off the car and ran to the stroller. It seemed to go on like that for hours...but, I did check the clock and saw that it was only about 10 minutes ( the longest 10 minutes of my life). I had never seen Elizabeth work so hard to round up all of her toys...even ones I think she had forgotten she had. She was actually sweating trying to keep up with the other little girl. Finally, they came to a truce in Elizabeth's room when they both put on dress up clothes and had a little tea party. I think the only thing that saved me was that there were two pairs of dress up shoes to wear. Too bad we can't all be like a 22 month old and let everyone know how we feel at every second of the day.:) It is days like these that I just have to keep telling myself to enjoy the special moments with my kids because they are going to pass by too quickly.:)

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