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Friday, January 29, 2010

All Of God's Blessings

Yesterday, Fatai was driving me out of the compound. As we came to the corner near our compound, I saw many police officers standing in the small intersection. There are usually never any police in this intersection, so they really stood out. One of them waved at our vehicle to pull over to the side of the road. I was a little nervous because I didn't really know what was going to happen. I rolled my window down, and the lady police officer looked at me and said, "Good Afternoon , Madame." As she said those words, she came closer to the car and then, she put her hands inside the window. I was sitting in the passenger seat, and I tried to scoot back in my seat as far as I could. (You just never really know what the police over here will do.) Then, she stuck her head in the car and looked around inside. Again, her face was right next to mine. (Thank goodness my purse was on the floorboard.) Then, she said, "Do you have anything for me for the weekend?" I knew what she was talking about. Sometimes at the end of the month, the police will stop cars before the weekend and ask for money. I met a girl who lives here, and she had already told me what to say in that situation. I looked right at her and said (with a straight face)," Yes,I do have something for you. I have all of God's blessings for you and your family." She immediately stepped back from the car and said, "Amen." Then, she let us drive on. That is one Nigerian police officer who can't say I never gave her anything.:)

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