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Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas....A Little Early:)

Merry Christmas a little bit early to all of you from Lagos!:) Since our family never really is at our own home for Christmas, we had the kids open up their gifts from us on Friday night. ( All the things I bought in June and packed in the shipment...thank goodness they are still interested in the things I packed).It is getting more and more fun to see them open gifts each year. Elizabeth really has the hang of ripping open presents now!:) Below is a picture of our front door. The wreath was made by my lovely grandma before she passed away. Elizabeth and Jeremy made the great candy canes and Santas on the door.:)

Bernie doesn't always appreciate her picture taken, but she is in the living room showing off the Christmas tree.:)

Her stocking is hung up ...with a few treats inside.:)

Jeremy had to give her one while He was opening up his own stocking.:)

The kids each got a new umbrella so they are ready for the next rainy season to start.:)

Opening up the stockings:)

Elizabeth in her Princess Tiana wedding dress and Jeremy in his new spider man p.j's

Where did Jeremy go? I only see Batman!

He was so excited to open up Mack!

A little blurry, but you can kind of see all the wrapping paper everywhere!!!!

Lizzie and her new baby carrier and doll house.:)
The kids had a great time opening up their gifts and it was fun to watch them.:) On Friday, we head to Houston to see some good friends and then to Chicago...and finally we end up in San Francisco! We hope you are all having a great Christmas Season so far!!!:)

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  1. I swear Elizabeth has grown in 2 months. Can't wait to see you soon! It has been too long!