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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Hello from snowy Chicago, Illinois!!!! We landed here to visit Guy's family on Wednesday. I know I grew up almost my entire life in Illinois, but I am really not used to this cold weather anymore!!! Elizabeth is pretty much on board with me in that area as well! Although, Jeremy, born in Guatemala and most of his life spent in Houston, acts like he could stay outside in the cold forever!!! They had a great time outside on the day before Christmas Eve playing in the snow with Grandma. I think Elizabeth stayed out for about five minutes!:)

All dressed up to go to the childrens' mass at Grandma and Grandpa's church. I'm glad I got Elizabeth to stand still long enough for me to take the picture.:)

Lizzy and her daddy at was a packed house!

We went to Guy's aunt's house for dinner after church......I almost got a good picture of Lizzy and me together.:)
Christmas morning breakfast before tearing into the presents!!!:)
Uncle Robert was good about helping the kiddos open up their gifts.:) I took these pics with the new camera I got from Guy. I am still figuring out how to use it.:)
How many Transformers does a five year old really need????:)
Cute hat from Grandma and Grandpa.:)
We went back outside to play in the snow tonight. Jeremy was pretty excited that he found an icicle hanging from the eve of grandma and Grandpa's house. Guy pulled it down for him and we put it in the freezer.:)
When we came inside, we had some cupcakes that grandma had made.:)
Better eat your cupcake, Lizzy, before Grandpa gets it!!!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!!:)

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